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Grant Success: St. David’s Neighbourhood Centre Excursion for Senior Community Members!

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator. 

St. David’s Neighbourhood Centre secured a grant to organise an outing for senior community members, allowing them to attend a dinner and show event.

The Australian Outback Spectacular was chosen as the perfect venue due to its ability to provide guests with an immersive Australian outback experience. Kellie Griffiths, the Centre Manager of St. David’s, expressed that this initiative is a wonderful means for St. David’s to strengthen community bonds.

“In celebration of Senior’s Month, the neighbourhood centre sought a grant from the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland to organise the excursion,” she said. “We aimed to show our appreciation for Senior’s Week through this initiative.”

St David’s Neighbourhood Centre is a resource for community, family, and personal development. The centre engages in various programs and services designed to support and empower people from diverse backgrounds and ages, education, and social action.

Kellie said they had applied for grants without success, so they adopted a new, bolder plan.

“My research indicated that we needed to aim for a more ambitious and impactful proposal to increase our chances of approval,” she said.

Vanessa Griffiths serves as the Fundraising Support Manager at the Office of the Synod. She plays a pivotal role in assisting congregations in realising their funding goals through grant initiatives.

Kellie said she obtained the Synod’s support for the application through Vanessa’s advocacy.

“The grant submission had to be made under the auspices of Synod, as we were not eligible as an independent entity,” she said. “We appreciate the support given to us by Vanessa.”

Connect with St. David’s Neighbourhood Centre: https://www.stdavidsnc.org.au/ 

If you have any inquiries regarding how grants can benefit your congregation, please reach out to Vanessa at Vanessa.Griffiths@ucaqld.com.au

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