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Helping form disciples who are here to stay

By Paul Wetzig, Project Officer – Discipleship. 

What does it take to help nurture lifelong followers of the way of Jesus, to make disciples? It has been the central work of the church since its inception, and each new generation has required adaptation of practice to ensure that the way of Jesus is known and embodied, in word and deed, as good news for these people, at this time, and in this place.

Consequently, we must always be asking how we, as a community of disciples, are growing to be evermore like Jesus.

Something that can be beneficial in asking that question is an idea of the kinds of practices that help nurture such growth and some sort of strategy for implementing these practices.

On 3 June, Moreton Rivers Presbytery will be hosting a workshop on the Here2Stay framework, a discipleship framework designed to highlight 10 practices that contribute to the formation of lifelong followers of Jesus. As such, Here2Stay isn’t a program of material to be undertaken but rather offers key areas that communities of faith need to consider and develop unique responses to for their context. These areas include “knowing God’s big story”, “serving in mission together”, and facilitating “encounters with Jesus”. Consequently, it provides a broad outline of what a picture of discipleship looks like, with the opportunity to add the colour and texture needed to bring that picture to life.

Presented by Terry Williams, one of the creators of the Here2Stay Framework, the workshop serves as a follow-on from the “building a discipleship culture” workshop hosted by Moreton Rivers earlier in the year and will provide an opportunity for attendees to explore and workshop their own responses to some of these 10 key practices.

Why not get a few people together from your congregation and join us in person or online as we explore this discipleship framework and consider how it might help your congregation be one that fashions lifelong followers of Jesus?

For more information, contact adminsupport@mrpres.org.au or register at https://bit.ly/H2SWorkshop

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