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“It’s a great way to support our Crisis Support Line” Lifeline’s ‘Secret Santa’ campaign

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator.

Lifeline is asking you to give a gift that gives twice this year by supporting their ‘Secret Santa’ initiative by buying gifts from their retail outlets. 

The campaign is new for 2022. By targeting the campaign toward businesses and organisations, Jamie Mackay, General Manager at Lifeline Retail, hopes the concept will grow as more people share in the gift-giving spirit. 

“We want people to consider Lifeline stores and shops as gift-giving solutions for their ‘Secret Santa’ amongst their teams, family, and friends,” Jamie said. 

“It’s already going exceptionally well. We have set up designated gift idea sections within every store, so there is much to choose from.” 

Buying from a Lifeline retail outlet will also help the environment as fewer products end up unnecessarily in landfills, and Jamie said stores aren’t just about thrift and the pre-loved. 

“People may not be aware, but when you purchase in a Lifeline store, you can choose from pre-loved and new products,” he said. 

“It’s a great way to support our crisis support line.”

The profit from Lifeline’s retail outlets contributes to the 13 11 14 Crisis Support Line, a 24-hour telephone crisis support service driven by volunteers ready to offer suicide prevention and mental and emotional health services to people within Australia. 

According to the website, Lifeline receives a call every 30 seconds, which is why Jamie said buying from a Lifeline store is so important. 

“You are giving back to your community significantly. You are helping support our crisis support line, helping Australia become suicide free.” 

To participate and find your nearest Lifeline store, visit: https://www.lifelineqld.org.au/shops-and-events/shops.

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