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Cushion cover embroidered by soldiers in the Middle East - 1941

Kenmore Uniting Church’s refreshed shop aids the community

By Synod Writer and Content Creator Andrew McKaysmith using content adapted from text supplied by Dawn Langford, Kenmore Uniting Church

Kenmore Uniting Church’s Refreshed shop repurposes items for resale and funds projects for local and global humanitarian efforts.

Last year, over $10,000 was donated to causes such as school chaplaincy, disability art classes, flood relief, Pacific Islands preparedness, and child slavery rescue.

Refreshed plays a crucial role in distributing donated items to various charities across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Store coordinator Jenny Ellem said that itinerant workers on a Stanthorpe orchid farm were beneficiaries of warm clothing.

“Many of the workers lacked sufficient clothing for the cold weather, so Refreshed staff gathered sturdy warm shirts, jumpers, and pants to donate,” she said.

Additionally, the Uniting Church Women’s Refuge regularly receives handmade rugs, knitted by a devoted enthusiast, with donations ample enough to fill two rows of the church. Jenny noted that the volume of these donations could fill two rows of the church.

“I pass on any donated wool to help her make more rugs,” she said.

Formally Yours, an Ipswich-based initiative, ensures students can attend their school formals without financial burden. Refreshed supported this cause by donating formal wear, including evening dresses and a bespoke wedding gown.

In a partnership with Prince Charles Hospital, Refreshed supplied casual clothing for patients in the Mental Health Unit, leading to the establishment of an on-site storehouse where patients can choose their attire.

Among the shop’s offerings are items with historical value. A notable find was made by a retired Australian Defense Forces dentist, who discovered a cushion cover with an ivory silk front intricately embroidered by soldiers in a 1941 rehabilitation hospital in the Middle East. Recognising its value, the customer offered to pay above the asking price.

Discover the treasures that await and support a noble cause by visiting Kenmore Uniting Church’s Refreshed shop online at https://www.kenmoreuca.org.au/refreshed-lifestyle-shop/

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