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Mt. Louisa Community Church Enhances Lighting With Grant Funding

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator

The Mt. Louisa Community Church secured a grant to fund the implementation of LED lighting, enhancing its aesthetic appeal while lowering its energy costs.

Hiring out the church premises is a crucial element in maintaining the financial stability of the church, according to Ian Jessup, who serves as the Treasurer of the Church Council and Chair of the Property Committee.

Ian said the size of the building means there are a lot of associated costs.

“It’s imperative for us to stay vigilant with maintenance,” he said. “Inside the main structure, there are approximately a hundred light fixtures; unfortunately, about a quarter of them were not functioning. Furthermore, the ceilings soar to a height of around 12 meters, making maintenance quite challenging.”

The expense of replacing the current lighting infrastructure also raised concerns about the corresponding electricity costs. As a result, the church council sought advice from the Office of the Synod, which ultimately resulted in a meeting with Fundraising Support Manager Vanessa Griffiths.

Ian said that Vanessa identified an appropriate grant to help them achieve their objective.

“We understood that we could replace and install LED lighting at a reasonable cost if we secured a grant,” he said. “Vanessa supplied us with an application template that had been successful with other congregations, which we could utilise, saving us a lot of hassle.”

With the application submitted and the months passed, Ian began to believe they hadn’t succeeded. However, they received an email informing the church council that their request had been approved, securing a grant of $10,000.

Ian said that the lights were installed in June.

“I’m currently wrapping up the grant report to demonstrate its value,” he said. “From July to October 2023, our power consumption remains on par with the same period last year, despite a threefold increase in facility usage.”

BlueCare, situated on a neighbouring block, and the Uniting Early Learning service, currently undergoing redevelopment, play integral roles within the church community and have been considered during the planning decisions.

Ian said that the long-lasting vision for Mount Louisa encompasses maintaining a church and community space that serves the needs of the public who utilise the premises through facility hire arrangements.

“At the moment, we are actively hosting a diverse range of events,” he said. “There is a bustling array of activities underway, and we anticipate even more in the future.”

Regular renters at the facility include Immanuel Pentecostal Church (Indian ethnicity), Sovereign God International Ministries (Filipino ethnicity), Uker Lyptus Strummers (retirees playing ukuleles), Townsville and District Garden Club (enthusiastic gardeners), a Martial Arts Trainer, and a Cook Islander family cultivating Taro. “One-off” users comprise funerals (including First Nations families), family functions (baby showers, birthdays, and more), and a Samoan Christian Congregation seeking a last-minute venue.


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