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Reflecting On Life In Ministry – Reverend Ross Mackay

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator

Centenary Uniting Church is gearing up to honour Reverend Ross Mackay’s retirement with a special service, marking the end of his impactful career in ministry. As the retirement date draws near, Rev Ross took the time to reflect on his journey and share some of his experiences. 

When asked about the starting point of his ministry career, Rev Ross recalled receiving a persistent and undeniable calling. Despite not initially answering the call, he remained steadfast, eventually leading him to pursue the path of becoming a minister. He said, “It was persistent and didn’t go away. So, I sought to become a minister.”

Rev Ross’ transition into ministry was gradual. He continued working in the family business until his father’s passing, after which he decided to leave and explore his calling. While recalling the timeline, Rev Ross mentioned being a candidate for community ministry and then moving on to ordained ministry.

Rev Ross treasures the relationships and connections he built with people throughout his career. Being an Intentional Interim minister, he often took on tasks others overlooked, focusing on supporting congregations and helping individuals in need. 

As retirement looms, Rev Ross expressed a mix of excitement and relief. Stepping away from the placement committee and the process of seeking new positions meant he could enjoy a well-deserved break. He even joked about the perk of retiring – a free dinner with the moderator. Rev Ross chuckled, “That’s a big plus when you retire. I think that’s a really good plus.”

While retirement might mark the end of his formal ministry career, Rev Ross has no plans to slow down. He will continue doing supply work and maintain his involvement within the church. He said, “I’m currently doing supply at Bulimba Uniting Church, which will continue. And I’m working 13 hours a week in the Presbytery of Bremer Brisbane as the treasurer and property officer. I will still be very active within the church.”

Reflecting on his diverse involvement in the church, Rev Ross mentioned serving as a presbytery chair, treasurer, and his prior engagement with the Gideons, highlighting his enduring commitment to mission and ministry. He expressed, “I’ve always had a heart full for mission. Ministry just became a different vehicle to be able to do that.”

The Centenary Uniting Church retirement service will honour Rev Ross’s contributions and provide an opportunity for the community to express their gratitude for his commitment to ministry.


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