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Tanya’s story of support through In-Home Care

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator.

Tanya Gower, the mother of twin boys, opted for In-Home Care when traditional centre-based daycare services were unavailable for her family.

One of her sons, Ethan, underwent open-heart surgery and has Down syndrome. In-home care provided a tailored solution, ensuring convenient access to the necessary medical supplies, keeping his beloved toys within reach, and aligning his care with therapy schedules.

When her twins turned one, Tanya could return to full-time employment, and she attributed this opportunity to In-Home Care.

“For families facing situations like ours, where mainstream childcare services aren’t an option, In-Home Care has proven to be an excellent solution,” she said.

Despite the benefits of in-home care, Tanya’s family faced challenges finding a suitable Educator. She described the system as requiring them to navigate bureaucratic obstacles to identify qualified Educators.

“Many of the individuals we considered suitable had slightly different career paths, such as teaching or working in the field of disabilities, rather than holding traditional childcare certificates,” Tanya said. “The accreditation process involved a lot of red tape.”

Ethan and his brother are now eight years old, and Tanya and her family continue to rely on In-Home Care.

“I wouldn’t be able to work without In-Home Care,” she said.


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