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This week is National Child Protection Week!

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator. 

National Child Protection Week is from September 4th to the 10th, and this year’s theme is early childhood.

The campaign promotes the value of children and focuses attention on the issues of child abuse and neglect, which the Uniting Church in Queensland is committed to preventing through Safe Ministry with Children.

Lynde Davy is the Synod’s Safe Church Assurance and Support Officer. She said the church is looking at how to align with national and state legislation, policies and procedures to support children and families.

“Children are not just the future of the church; they’re the future of the broader community and country,” she said.

“Safe and healthy children rely on thriving communities as well as churches and congregations, which can have a profoundly positive influence on families, particularly in rural and remote areas where it can be very isolating due to a lack of services.”

Safe Ministry with Children is developing deeper relationships with Uniting Early Learning child care services and the schools that offer care under the banner of the Uniting Church as the Approved Provider.

Lynde said activities encouraging children to serve and feel supported by their community are essential, which is why many programs are already in place.

“We have several congregations that offer playgroup, and other activities such as girls and boys brigade, which are opportunities for children to develop emotionally, physically and spiritually while ensuring they have another safety network,” she said.

“Chaplains are in schools supporting children, and we have processes to support young people on their journey to leadership within the church and the community.”

The Synod’s Safe Ministry with Children webpage includes links to resources and advice for members of the assembly who receive a complaint or comment regarding suspected abuse or harm. Check it out here.




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