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Deb and Izzy

Uniting In Home Care provides help for families with complex needs

Bec Schwenk needed someone to look after her daughter, Isabella, whilst she and her husband worked during the day, so she asked Uniting In Home Care to help.

Isabella is five years of age and unable to attend mainstream off-site daycare programs. Bec said that In Home Care had been great for Isabella since they started just over a year ago.

“Isabella has complex medical needs; she has a colostomy and a Mitrofanof, so she has to be catheterised five times per day,” she said. “She also has another device on her bowel and a portacath, so there’s lots going on.”

Deb is Isabella’s In Home carer and spends each weekday from 9 am to 3 pm in the household. Bec said she has peace of mind because Isabella feels safe and loved while her medical and educational needs are met.

“In Home Care is child-led, and in our case its one on one, that’s what I like about it,” she said. “It’s individualised, and they do everything together. Isabella loves craft and painting, so it’s great to come home to all her creations.”

Bec, a teacher, and her husband, a youth worker, faced a significant choice when entrusting someone to care for Isabella while working away from home. Recognising that many families are in a similar situation as the Schwenk household, Bec wanted to share the following guidance.

“Be very clear in your expectations,” she said. “We were after someone who wanted to do more than babysit, and we wanted to build a relationship. We had to trust that she would get the care and attention that we, as her parents, would provide.”

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator.

Learn more about Uniting In Home care: https://www.uelqld.com.au/ 

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