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UnitingCare Queensland Secures Grant for Child Protection Week Project

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator

UnitingCare Queensland has recently secured funding exceeding $5,000 for a project in support of Child Protection Week.

This achievement and many others were made possible through collaborative efforts across Uniting Church organisations.

Maria Fletcher is Trusts & Foundations Manager, Business, Finance and Strategy at UnitingCare Queensland. She started in the broader philanthropy team and then moved to the fundraising team.

Maria said that regular meetings with Vanessa Griffiths, Fundraising Support Manager from the Office of the Synod, and Kate Milton, the Philanthropic Grants and Tenders Advisor at Wesley Mission Queensland, facilitated an exchange of knowledge, leading to improved outcomes for their stakeholders.

“Applications for a slice of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund are renowned for its competitiveness,” she said. “Within our organisations, monitoring who was submitting applications posed a challenge. Thanks to the partnership with Vanessa and Kate, we’ve been able to develop a procedure that assists us in determining applicants and guarantees we avoid duplication.”

Their collaborative efforts also facilitated the exchange of stories and mutual support, particularly during challenging deadlines. They shared valuable experiences, highlighted positive outcomes, and nurtured a strong bond that encouraged them to support each other.

Maria said prioritising stakeholder satisfaction and meeting proposal deadlines is crucial.

“I manage various programs encompassing Blue Care, Lifeline, The Wesley and St Andrew’s hospitals, and UnitingCare’s Family and Disability Services,” she said. “My role involves delving into program details, collaborating on First Nations initiatives, and working with diverse teams, ranging from finance to care workers and general managers.”

If you have any enquiries regarding how grants can benefit your congregation, please reach out to Vanessa at Vanessa.Griffiths@ucaqld.com.au

Learn more about UnitingCare Queensland here: https://www.unitingcareqld.com.au/

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