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Wednesday, September 7, 2022 is Early Childhood Educators’ Day

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator. 

Early Childhood Educators’ Day 2022 takes place on Wednesday, September 7, representing a chance to celebrate child care educators and say thanks.

Uniting Early Learning employs over 270 educators throughout 22 childcare services responsible for almost a thousand children in their care, with many in Family day care and In Home care across the state.

Michelle Clarke is the service Director at Kingdom Kids Early Learning and OSHC Carbrook and Springwood. She oversees almost 200 places across the four services.

She said her centres are about providing service and connecting with families and the school community.

“What we do here is also about faith and caring for each other. You have to embrace that as part of our service,” she said.

Throughout a shift, educators wear many hats and find themselves adopting characteristics of roles typically associated with nurses, counsellors, and other professions, all relative to the provision of care.

Michelle said her role wasn’t a ‘clock on, clock off’ type of job and that she and her team are always thinking about the children’s development and what they would like to do for the families.  

“My team puts in so much hard work, and I’m so proud of them for delivering high-quality care to the children and service to the families,” she said.

Asked why it was important for the community to acknowledge educators and childcare staff, Michelle said the educator role is a profession and carries a hefty responsibility.

“Early Childhood Educators’ Day can be about celebrating our educators for who they are and what they bring to the formative years of an individual life,” she said.

“As educators, we are passionate about what we do.”

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