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Wesley Mission Secures Funding to Ensure a Merry Christmas for Queensland Families

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator

Wesley Mission has secured funding that will significantly contribute to ensuring that many families in Queensland do not go without this Christmas.

The Brisbane Relief Hub will offer both good tidings and meals, and the headspace Redlands branch is ready to distribute over a hundred grocery cards to young people and families in need.

Kate Milton, the Philanthropic Grants and Tenders Advisor at Wesley Mission Queensland, said they have also successfully secured grants to provide digital upskilling courses for residential aged care residents and staff, highlighting the achievement through collaborative efforts.

“I’ve been in this role for 12 months, so I’m relatively new to the world of grants,” she said. “Earlier this year, Vanessa Griffiths, Fundraising Support Manager from the Office of the Synod, reached out and proposed that we all come together. Recognising our shared connection and our work in fundraising and grants, she thought it would be beneficial to establish these relationships.”

Maria Fletcher, who serves as the Trusts & Foundations Manager in the Business, Finance, and Strategy department at UnitingCare Queensland, is also a key participant in this collaborative effort.

Kate said the exchange of knowledge has been invaluable.

“Each of us brings unique experiences to the table,” she said. “If there’s an application that stumps us or presents a unique challenge, someone else might have encountered a similar situation and can provide input.”

The meetings sparked significant improvements in processes and raised awareness of specific policies or individuals who can assist with particular questions.

Kate said that she has gained valuable insights into the overall structure of the organisations.

“I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with Vanessa and Maria, and I deeply appreciate the excellent work they do for our congregations and various services,” she said. “Being part of such an outstanding team is an absolute delight.”

If you have any enquiries regarding how grants can benefit your congregation, please reach out to Vanessa at Vanessa.Griffiths@ucaqld.com.au

Learn more about Wesley Mission here: https://www.wmq.org.au/

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