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The 16th Assembly

The 16th Assembly officially reconvened at Alex Park and commenced with a historic renewal of the Covenant between the Uniting Church in Australia and the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress. In a gesture of profound humility, those Second Peoples who participated in the worship and all who were watching online were invited to kneel for an Act of Confession and read the words, “We pray that our commitment to this Covenant will be renewed and revitalised. Kindle in us a flame for justice and equity in these lands known as Australia, and remind us to work in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder, with our First Nations siblings.”

It was a time of both a celebration of this important commitment and a time of confession for the ways we have not honoured or lived up to the vision of the Covenant. The Assembly was filled with listening and discernment with several important decisions on continuing witness, climate change, aged care and celebrating deacons in the UCA. The Assembly also agreed to adopt a proposal on climate change which commits the Church to take the voices and wisdom of First Peoples on climate justice and care of creation seriously.

The Assembly closed with a final time of worship, closing with Communion led by President Rev Sharon Hollis.

“Take a moment to recall what we’ve done together. The community we have formed. The confession we have made. The recommitment we have given. The pledges we have signalled. Think of a moment when you knew you dwelt in love and give thanks.

“We have dwelt together in love because the Holy Spirit has dwelt with us, guided us, and remained with us.”

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