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The Raymont Christian Fellowship. Photo: Supplied by Fernando Da Silva Torres

A prayer from the Raymont Christian Fellowship

Oh God, the more we pray, the more our voice blends with yours. We pray because our body wants your presence. We dream because you dreamed first. We create because you created it first. We love because you loved us first. We dream because we want to see the kingdom among us. We believe because you conquered death by resurrecting. We have faith because your name is Hope. We insist on believing in a better world because you haven’t given up on loving us. Our strength lies in dependence and total surrender to the God who deserves to be called Love. We have and are many voices, but to you we pray in one heart, in one feeling, in one hope. Here is our prayer, here are our dreams:

I dream that one day people are not judged by the ideas or opinions they may possess, and hope that respect can be given to people on all sides of a topic.

I dream that the human potential is recognised, truly seeing what we can do as a collective and an individual, reaching our greatest, wildest limits.

I dream that all in the world would truly come to know God and it would motivate us to love each other and the marginalised and forgotten in society.

I dream that every afflicted person in our society would get the opportunity to experience the love and peace of God.

I dream to see people who have been trapped in darkness find freedom in Jesus and that each person would truly realise that their life has so much worth and value and that they are loved.

I dream that everyone who has suffered find the peace that they long for, that they can break free from the shackles their past pain has placed on them and find the happiness and peace they truly deserve.

I dream for the satisfaction of hunger of all people, both physically and spiritually.

I dream that everyone has an equal opportunity to express whom they are and who they want to become.

I dream for new beginnings and a revival of heart and mind, and that we will see God’s hand through all things and be reminded of true good.

I dream that the basis of all connections between people is love—love for God and love for each other.

I dream that those with questions in their hearts about their faith or faith in general will be blessed with answers and in that, build a closer relationship with God.

My dream is for everyone to know and experience the unrelenting and unconditional love of God. I dream to see a generation of people pursuing the heart of God and walking in the calling and purpose he has placed on their lives.

My dream is that everyone is treated as unique human beings and accepted for who they are.

In your kingdom, God, no dream is exclusive, but shared. In your kingdom there is no division, but beautiful diversity. In your heart, oh God, there are many abodes, so we can dream, dream and dream … until you will be all in all.

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