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Rev Shane Kammermann. Photo: Supplied

Gospel peace flows

Gospel peace flows from the headwaters or fountain of God’s life, finally and fully revealed in Jesus.

I know a couple of songs about the flow of God’s peace: “Peace Is Flowing Like A River” … flowing out through you and me … and “It Is Well With My Soul” … when peace like a river attendeth my way.

God’s Peace flows like a river. God’s Peace flows like a river through you and me. God’s Peace attends us, unexpectedly, right in the middle of troubled waters.

Jesus is God’s peace come to earth. That is what the Angels sang at this birth?

The Gospel of Jesus has a flow … it’s always coming to us.

The Gospel of Jesus flows like a river bringing the peace of God to us, that we might live in peace together.

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Rom 12:18)

Sinclair Ferguson points out that the Gospel has a flow and a grammar all of its own consistent with that flow. Romans has a flow and a unique Gospel grammar.

  • Eleven full chapters to set out the story of God’s saving grace from creation through the failure of Israel and every human attempt at trying harder … all the way to Jesus. Not one single command for nearly 11 pages in my Bible!
  • Not one grammatical imperative to be found (Ferguson). Just the story of God’s ever flowing mercy and goodness as human weakness and failure unravel.
  • In chapter five, right there in the middle of human weakness and failure an astounding declaration! In Jesus … justified … we have peace with God.
  • And then from chapter twelve the Gospel imperatives flow. Not conditional demands or requirements. Not KPI’s that determine status. No brownie points or special place for high achievers. But an exhortation, a call to live together in the flow of God’s full new life in Jesus.
  • Consider with me the profound flow of chapter 12. Transforming mercy, grace, humility, gifts, love, affection, honour, blessing, harmony, peace! Right in the midst of persecution, suffering, need, evil. All downstream of the astounding, unexpected, ever-flowing love of God!

Peace flows like a river …

Maybe living in the Gospel of Jesus is an invitation to jump right in and swim in the surging, flowing river of life? Have you noticed the river of life pictured in the new-creation at the end of the biblical narrative?

Baptised into Christ …

I know that baptism is usually associated with drowning, washing or cleansing, and rising … union with Christ. I have baptised a few. I remember drenched glowing faces. Young and old, wet with life-giving water and the word. New! Infants included!

Baptism into Christ surely also pictures a renewed humanity, carried along in a new flow of life? Sometimes the old drowned humanity still tries to swim (Luther and Barth) but the water of new life keeps on surging!

Drenched in peace and love and goodness, a fresh Gospel experience of living as a people of peace begins to flow, “… as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone”. 

And when shared peace is not possible? When the old rascal in us all pops his or her head up for air? When crisis, unavoidable conflict, uncertainty, disease or fear unsettle and divide, will the peace of God not find us in its endless flow?

God’s peace is always flowing like a river and attends our way!

God’s peace flows like a river, not a creek!

May the peace of God be with you!

Rev Shane Kammermann

Rev Shane Kammermann is currently serving as Cairns Hospital’s Chaplain.

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