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Reflection – Praying to a loving Father

When I reflect on the work that is being asked of me by God, I think about how we are asked to pray. In the Luke reading as part of the lectionary this week, we read an introduction to the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus was praying and enjoying some time with his God. His way of filling his tank, so to speak. (A model for all of us.) When Jesus had finished praying, one of his disciples asked one of those curious questions. He inquired if he could also be taught to pray. How insightful. The disciple knew what he didn’t know and asked his teacher to help fill in the blanks.

So Jesus said, “When you pray, say these words,” Father, may your name be revered as holy. May your kingdom come (Luke 11: 2).

As we go into another week, this prayer is an excellent reminder for us. It says so much. 

How do you start your prayers? We often use a word to describe God – holy, father, omnipotent, loving, gracious, wise, all-knowing. I usually use gracious, but I have wondered why I don’t use loving, as that is the characteristic of God I most share with people I am discipling. That I know a loving God is life-changing, and that is what I share with others. Recalling the words of the childhood hymn, “Jesus loves me this I know.” These words are as powerful now as when I first heard them, as I am the daughter of a loving God.

Do we really want God’s kingdom now? What would living as a disciple look like if I was loving every day to all people? That would be the kingdom of God coming. That’s hard work – loving every day. Love is a verb for a reason –an action word, a doing word. For the kingdom of God to come, I commit to loving every day.

This is how change begins- acknowledging the love of God and praying in thought, word and deed for his kingdom to come.

My prayer today is this:

Gracious God

Thank – you for loving me, my family and my community. Help me to love others as you love me.


What’s your prayer for this week?

Linda Hanson, Associate Director of Mission UCQ

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