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Rev Stanley Tuilovoni, Minister of the Word at Kangaroo Point Uniting Church on Harmony Day

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator. 

March 21st in Australia is Harmony Day, a chance to honour the diversity of nations that have made Australia their home.

Rev Stanley Tuilovoni, originally from Fiji, is a Minister of the Word at Kangaroo Point Uniting Church and has established a family in Australia, which now includes four grandchildren.

He said that Harmony Day is centred around believing we are privileged to live in a community that values diversity.

“The church represents the kingdom of God in terms of how we are from different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities, and then we become one body in Christ,” he said. 

“We all can work together in harmony through the guidance of God. In this way, the life of the church is an example to society of Harmony Day in action.”

Rev Stanley ministers to one of the most multicultural communities in Queensland, with most of his congregation comprising individuals of Asian or Pacific Islander descent.

They come together to worship. However, Rev Stanley said that their community is more than just a holy gathering; many of his congregants actively assist those in need across the CBD and inner suburbs.

“We offer a food services program through which we distribute food parcels, but our service extends beyond that,” he said.

“We met a fellow living on the streets, he went on to become part of the church and he gave his life to the Lord, he began to believe in God in a way that changed his life and perspective. He’s now got a job, and he’s connected back to his mother.”

“So we see that not only are we coming together in faith, we can make something happen in the lives of those in need.”

The Kangaroo Point Uniting Church congregation is a hub of support and motivation, empowering people to navigate life’s challenges by reinforcing their Christian beliefs and enlightening others that the Lord is on their side. 

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