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Winners of the Uniting Church Foundation's Indigenous Learning Pathways Grant. Photo were supplied.
(L to R) Eylania, Lazarus and Tullia. Photos: Supplied

Making mission possible $10 at a time

Funds raised through the $10 for 10 appeal have been distributed to students to make sure they have what they need to learn. Rohan Salmond reports.

Three Indigenous students have received the first round of grants through the Synod’s $10 for 10 appeal to help them achieve their dreams for the future.

Tullia Wilson and Lazarus Edwards from Shalom Christian College and Eylania Naawi from Clayfield College received the Uniting Church Foundation Indigenous Learning Pathways Grant in March after successfully completing a thorough Schools Commission selection process.

“I’m keen on completing a course in design fundamentals and photography so I can study business at university. This grant will provide the necessary camera equipment I need to complete the course,” says Eylania.

Tullia wants to take an external vocational course in retail services as well as completing her high school certificate.

“I come from Mornington Island which is a small community where I would be unable to study retail. The course I want to do isn’t offered at my school, but this grant means I can still pursue my chosen career. The grant will also provide a laptop so that I can study online outside of school hours.”

Lazarus will be able to enroll in a welding course using his funds.

“I live in Wyndham in Western Australia and I want to work as a diesel fitter in the mines in Perth. This grant will give me the opportunity to take a welding course so I can pursue my dream of working in the mines, especially working on the big trucks,” he says.

The $10 for 10 appeal kicked off in August 2014 with the goal to support an Indigenous year 10 student with a minimum $10 donation. Indigenous education is one of the Queensland Synod’s core mission areas. Raushen Perera is the Queensland Synod’s marketing and fundraising manager.

“Because of everyone’s support, a humble $10 donation has grown into a fundraising total of over $10 000 so far,” she says. “It’s a great way to kick-start the Uniting Church Foundation’s Indigenous Learning Pathways project. Of course, the more money we raise, the more students we can assist.”

A second round of grants will be distributed once the funding becomes available.

For more details on how to donate to $10 for 10, please visit missionpossible.ucaqld.com.au

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