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Rev Bruce Moore is the Moderator-elect of the 37th Synod

UnitingCare Queensland Director of Mission, Rev Bruce Moore, has been elected as Moderator-elect of the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod. Rev Moore will be inducted at the 37th Synod in October 2023.

Speaking about his hope for the Synod, Rev Moore said we are uniquely placed as the Uniting Church here in Queensland.

“We are connected to our far-reaching relationships, lives and communities, and diverse landscapes like no one else are. My daring hope is that we will not be complacent, will not rest in the comfort of what we’ve done in the past, what we’ve inherited,” he said. 

“When we look back, we will recognise that we have never been in a place where we have so much invitation for change as to where we sit right now. This is one of the most opportune times for spiritual awakening across the globe. People are looking for hope, a point of connection and a deeper understanding of what it means to have a purpose.”

Rev Moore brings a breadth of experience, having served in UnitingCare, youth ministry roles at local, state and national levels; planted churches and served broader community organisations such as Mercy Community Services. He is the current Director of Mission for UnitingCare Queensland and a member of the leadership community for Newlife Church.

Addressing his appointment to the Moderator role, Rev Moore reflected on the humbling nature of the call. 

“I have a deep sense of peace and knowing that God has called me into this ministry role. God is so much bigger than my feelings of inadequacy,” he said. 

Contemplating on his commitment to a journey of discipleship now and while serving as Moderator, Rev Moore noted, “I promise you that I will seek to walk in the ways of God.”

Moderator Rev Andrew Gunton, along with Rev Moore, thanked and honoured the other nominees, Rev Linda Hanson and Rev Peter Armstrong, for being willing to offer themselves for the service of the church.

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