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Safe Ministry with Children – Principle 5

A spotlight continues on principle 5: Our people are suitable for working with anyone vulnerable and are committed to the values of safe ministry.

The Church Council must ensure that all people who work or volunteer in activities or programs, including working or volunteering with children, are screened, appointed, trained, supervised and supported to deliver the ministries associated with their appointment. Each part of the application process is to be completed with prayerful consideration of the gifts and graces of the applicant, their suitability to volunteer in the role, and the needs of the Church. Volunteers, helpers and leaders should be recognised and thanked annually to affirm their contribution to safe ministry. This provides opportunities for the congregation to acknowledge this vital contribution and offer prayerful support and encouragement.

Please bookmark the Synod’s Safe Ministry with Children webpage and the NSCU website, which contains helpful resources and guidance for congregations, presbyteries and synods. 

Safe Ministry resources are available to assist, or for more information, contact Lynde Davy at Lynde.Davy@ucaqld.com.au

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