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Summary of the December 7, 2023 Synod Standing Committee Meeting

Below is a summary of the Synod Standing Committee (SSC) meeting – held on December 7 to inform the wider Queensland Synod community of the discussions, deliberations and decisions arising from that meeting. The meeting was held at UnitingCare Queensland’s offices.


Synod Finance Team and auditor Grant Thornton presented Audited Financial Statements for the year ending June 2023.

The SSC discussed the Annual Joint Dinner with UnitingCare scheduled at Wesley House. Priorities on the agenda include electronic health records, awards, domestic violence support, First Nations care, rural health services, environment initiatives, and Connect 100.

A process was approved for consideration of any requests for incorporation of institutions following the Synod in session resolution to allow Standing Committee to approve incorporation request subject to an approved criteria.

The SSC has been supporting the Northern Synod since April 2023, reaffirming its commitment until May 2024. The General Secretary will support both the Queensland Synod and the priorities of the Northern Synod. Rev Dr McIntosh is approved as General Secretary of the Northern Synod, and Rev Linda Hanson is appointed as an Associate General Secretary until May 2024. Rev Hanson will remain an SSC member and return to her elected role afterwards. A new General Secretary for the Northern Synod is expected to be appointed in April 2024.

This gathering marked the inaugural participation of the newly appointed and co-opted members of the SSC, including:

  • Rev Christy Allen (Appointed)
  • Rev Adam Low (Appointed)
  • Mr Scott McDonald (Appointed)
  • Ms Tabitha-Ann Gulley (Co-opted)
  • Mr Andrew McBryde (Co-opted)

Updates from the Moderator and General Secretary

The Moderator discussed several key points. He mentioned the importance of meeting with and actively listening to Presbyteries to address their concerns and needs. Additionally, he mentioned a memorable moment when Mercy from Emu Park blessed him before delivering a sermon, underlining the spiritual dimension of his role.

The General Secretary outlined key areas of focus. He talked about a two-day ELT workshop aimed at team building and planning until June 30, 2024. Furthermore, he stressed the significance of nurturing relationships across various institutions, agencies, presbyteries, and congregations. He mentioned his involvement in meetings, including the WMQ and UCQ Boards, National General Secretaries Meeting, Assembly Standing Committee, and collaboration with the PSI Committee to enhance presbytery ministers’ sustainability. Finally, he noted his participation in the Hospital Chaplaincy Summit and he is working actively to explore alternative models and address concerns.


Finally, congratulations to those who received extensions or nominations to positions within several Synod boards, commissions, and committees. The ongoing service of these members to the mission of the church is gratefully acknowledged.

These people include:

  • Dr Geoff Ericksson’s reappointment to the FIP Board
  • The appointment of Rev Hanson and Ms Clarkson as new members to the RNC
  • Ms Lisa Fuchs, as a new member of the SSMCC
  • Ms Nicole Gregory, as a new member of the BCF
  • The appointment of Mr Michael Harding to Uniting Education
  • The reappointment of Mr. Grant Erickson to Uniting Education
  • Ms Cheryl Herbert’s reappointment as a UCQ Board Member

The SSC has granted approval for the following individuals to be appointed as representatives to the 17th National Assembly scheduled for 2024:

  • Rev Glen Schweitzer
  • Mr Greg Braithwaite
  • Rev Christy Allen
  • Pastor John Tai
  • Scott Ballment
  • Ms Laura Brown
  • Rev Stuart Bosch
  • Ps Graham Huth
  • Rev Dr Peter Armstrong
  • Mr Justin Greenway
  • Rev Dr Peter Lockhart
  • Ms Rachel Hanson
  • Rev Adam Tipple
  • Mr Gordon Gilmore
  • Rev Bruce Moore (ex officio)
  • Rev Adam McIntosh (ex officio)
  • Rev Annie Baker
  • Mrs Sharon Baker
  • Pastor Kemeri Lievano
  • Mr Kevin Griffiths
  • Ms Elizabeth John
  • Ps Alex Stark
  • Ms Ella John
  • Ms Hannah Staines

Additionally, the following individuals were elected by the 37th Synod to represent at the 17th Assembly:

  • Neil Ballment
  • Mr Geoff Batkin
  • Rev Linda Hanson
  • Rev Garry Jennings
  • Rev David MacGregor
  • Rev Yvonne McRostie
  • Mr Scott McDonald
  • Rev Viliami Mila
  • Rev Donna Muston
  • Mr Dempsey Scanlan
  • Rev Beatriz Skippen
  • Rev Dave Thomas




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