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Summary Synod Standing Committee Update – March 2023

The Synod Standing Committee (SSC) meets on the first Thursday of every month. It was a packed agenda with many updates from ongoing review projects within Synod Office and agencies.

Updates from the Moderator (Rev Andrew Gunton) and General Secretary (Rev Heather den Houting)

The Moderator attended a national meeting with the President and other Moderators across Australia.

The Moderator visited the congregation in Emerald and Ingham to present the Moderator’s Medal for outstanding service to their communities. This is also the final medal to be awarded by Rev Andrew Gunton, as Rev Gunton’s term concludes toward the end of this year.  

The SSC heard presentations from the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA), Uniting Education Schools and Colleges and UnitingCare Queensland. The General Secretary presented the Synod Office quarterly report. This report will be distributed more widely across the life of the church.

Acknowledgement and thanks

The SSC acknowledges the following people serving their final term this year. The SSC recognises and is grateful for their significant contribution of time, knowledge, and expertise.

  • Geoff Batkin, Chairperson of Finance Investments and Property Board (FIP Board)
  • Mr Peter Barker, Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) Chairperson.

Appointments to boards, committees, and commissions

The SSC considered and endorsed the following appointments:

  • Mr Matthew Rollason is a Uniting Education Schools and Colleges Commission member.
  • Rev Scott Ballment to the Committee for Counselling.
  • Re-appointment of Mr Nigel Alexander to the UnitingCare Queensland Board.

Congratulations to those who received extensions or nominations to positions within several Synod boards, commissions, and committees. The ongoing service of these members to the church’s mission is gratefully acknowledged.

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