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Best and worst birthday presents part 3

With all the talk within the church about birthdays recently we thought what better time than now to ask staff members what were the best and worst birthday presents they’ve received. Here’s Scott with his memories. 

The best 

We had been married for only about six weeks when my birthday rolled around. There were no hints, no requests, no discussion about birthday presents, and on the morning of my birthday I received only an envelope. Inside? Further evidence (not that I needed any) that Sheri is indeed amazing.

A voucher sending me off to a day at Rally School, to spend the day being taught to drive rally cars on slippery gravel roads, skid pans and various other surfaces. Along with my voucher came the information that my best mate would be joining me for the day as well, for the two of us to indulge our inner Ari Vatanen (click here if you don’t know who Vatenan is).

It was a fantastic day of adrenaline and adventure, and one I’ll never forget. Even now some 22 years on I need only close my eyes for a moment and I can relive that experience.

Fast forward roughly 20 years and another gift voucher rolled around, this time to drive Formula Ford race cars at Lakeside Raceway.  Further evidence of two things:

1. Sheri is amazing; 
2. Little boys never grow up.

The worst

We’ve had a pretty long standing tradition in my family that we share birthday present ideas before the big day. One year (in my adult years) a family member (who shall remain nameless for my own protection) approached me for ideas for my upcoming birthday. I genuinely couldn’t think of anything so I said “I don’t know, maybe something quirky and fun? Some kind of fun toy or something?”

“What do you mean?” came the response. 
“I don’t know, just something stupid and weird,” was my (careless) reply.

In my mind I was thinking some interesting or unusual puzzle or game to while away a few hours. I forgot all about the conversation until the day rolled around and a small gift wrapped object was handed to me. “Here’s the gift you asked for … ”  

Inside the wrapper? A small plastic green tree frog.

My bemused “What the … ?” response was answered with, “You asked for a small, strange toy. There it is.”

Be careful what you wish for!

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