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Christmas gifts
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Five Christmas gifts to get the neighbours talking

Looking for a Christian-themed Christmas gift that will honour the reason for the season and make a stand against rampant secularism? Here’s a few ideas from Journey for ways to wear your faith on your sleeve as well as showing the world that Christians know how to have fun.

1Six foot inflatable nativity scene 

This inflatable nativity scene will put Santa and all those reindeer in the shade! Figures are about 30 cm high. Be aware that one reviewer mentioned that baby Jesus’ blanket blew away in a strong gust of wind, so be prepared to act quickly so save your guests any embarrassment.

2Miracle worker golf balls

Golfers will thank you for this thoughtful gift. As the folks at Catholic Supply write: “Our exclusive set includes Saint Patrick (Patron of Good Luck), Saint Anthony (Patron of Lost Items), and Saint Jude (Patron of Lost Causes). This gift set may just be the golf ‘partner’ you need!”

3Jesus Turned Water into Wine glasses 

Truly the gift that keeps on giving! These wine glasses celebrate one of Jesus’ most thoughtful miracles. An excellent way to bring faith into the conversation at your next dinner party.

4Nativity scene blanket 

Looking for a gift with a subtle evangelical message for your unchurched neighbours and friends? This practical fleece blanket is sure to make people think carefully about how much they value your friendship.

5Bibleman Sword

Talk about teachable moments! The product description says it all: “Are you ready to join Bibleman and his team and take up the armour of God? Start with this sword, and use it to fight villains using the power of God’s Word. The soft UVA foam allows for durable yet safe play, perfect for your next adventure.” 

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