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Pitt St Uniting Church in Sydney. Photo by Sardaka.
Pitt St Uniting Church, Sydney. Photo: Sardaka

Five things first-time guests hate doing at church

Are you unknowingly driving newcomers away? American pastor and author, Dale Hudson has named and shamed five things first-time guests hate doing at church on Christian news site, ChurchLeaders.com. The perceptive list includes: not making people wait in line, poor signage, being ignored, being singled out and bad parking.

Personally I think bad coffee should be added to that list! What are some other things new people hate doing at church?  Share your thoughts with us (and Dale) in the comment section below.

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  1. Margaret Mayman

    At Pitt street Uniting Church we are working hard on being appropriately welcoming. We shared this article on our FB page a few days ago. So I would appreciate it if you could remove the photo of the interior of Pitt Street and replace it with something more generic.

    EDITOR: Hi Margaret, this article isn’t implying that Pitt Street Uniting Church isn’t a welcoming church—the image is just so the article will appear properly in the website theme. I see that the Pitt Street Facebook page has shared a similar article, and it’s great to see Uniting Churches working to be more welcoming. We’ve used this image because it is one of the few readily-available images that is free for us to reuse. I’m afraid that whatever image of a church we use, someone goes there, and we could get the same comment from them. We thought it was better to use an image of a Uniting Church rather than risking the implication that we are telling other denominations how to run their services. —Rohan

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