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Photo of a magnifying glass over an open Bible.

Friday’s religion wrap

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week. 

Formula 1 champion on life, death and religion 

The life of a racing driver is a whirlwind of travel, physical training and commitment, interspersed with whatever can be fitted in to provide relaxation or further motivation. But four-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton also finds time for his faith, which is so important to him.

Thai religions unite for boys trapped in cave

The world has been watching with trepidation. For nearly two weeks, an international rescue effort has been looking for twelve Thai youth soccer players and their coach who were lost in a flooded cave system in Northern Thailand. While divers were exploring, religious leaders were outside encouraging a different form of support.

World cup presents a challenge in Africa

In this age of globalisation few events draw more attention than sport as the World Cup in Russia illustrates with billions of people across the globe glued to their screens. At this time in football-crazy Africa, specialists and ordinary fans are watching, discussing and analysing the World Cup.

But the excitement and euphoria come with a unique challenge to the continent’s religions. Africa remains firmly devout across different faiths.

Are Americans killing religion by loving celebrities?

More Americans know the ingredients of a McDonald’s “Big Mac” than the Ten Commandments. That gap becomes larger when talking about celebrities. We know when they marry, when they break up, the names of their children, where they vacation, what they eat, what their hobbies are, and all of their drunken mistakes.

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