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Meet the new Raymont Residential College Principal

The new Raymont Residential College students are not the only fresh faces to arrive in 2020, with new Principal Arend Boog commencing in early February.

With degrees in engineering and philosophy, Arend says the opportunity to give back to his old residential college is what inspired the career change.

“I was a resident at New College while studying at the University of New South Wales,” says Arend.

“After working in engineering for eight years, I saw the Dean’s position advertised and, after reading the position description, thought, this sounds like me.

“It was one of the few jobs where I could use both my qualifications.

“And I discovered that I’m actually pretty good at it.”

Hailing from regional New South Wales, Arend and his family made the journey north from Sydney to Brisbane just before the university year commenced.

“It is a privilege to be associated with Collegians in any capacity,” says Arend.

“But to be offered the opportunity to steer Raymont and influence and mentor the residents is truly humbling, and one that I could not turn down.”

When asked for his initial impressions of Raymont, Arend is looking forward to building on the foundations laid by his predecessor.

“I think the previous Principal Richard Niessl did a fantastic job,” says Arend. “There is a lovely family feel amongst the community and I hope to continue the cultural development that he started.”

When asked what he hopes to achieve in the next 12 months, Arend hopes to break the mould of what Raymont can achieve. 

“We are almost at full capacity with 124 of 131 positions filled, which is the largest we have been in a number of years” says Arend.

“I want us to exceed capacity, but also to continue to grow and strengthen the community feeling within the existing cohort”.

Outside of work, Arend is a keen local AFL player and avid supporter of the Western Bulldogs whenever he can.

Raymont Residential College was established in 1944 and has a history of supporting students in the pursuit of their academic pursuits at all of Brisbane’s universities.

To find out more, visit the Raymont Residential College website

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