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Current Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker.
Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Supplied

Moderator’s Musing – 16 March 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has given us opportunity to see the wide variety of visceral responses to a crisis—in ourselves and in others.

The pattern of flight, fight, or freeze can be seen across our communities.

It’s also exposed a lot about how we function as an interconnected world.

We are called to rise above our fears and pay attention; to be informed by reliable sources; to take the precautions recommended and not to feed fear.

I would also encourage us to look out for others. Who in our networks and communities needs some encouragement and support? Who needs practical help and resources? If you can’t physically pass the peace with someone or if they weren’t at church, give them a call!

I’d also encourage us to give grace to one another. Patience and forebearance during stressful times is absolutely necessary for us to survive whole and intact.

As a country, as a church, we can come out of this better that we are if we are willing to face our fears. Reach out to support others and be judicious in our dealings. 

A prayer.

God, you are revealed in Jesus Christ, in whom you became one with us.

Remind us of your solidarity with us in all the vagaries of our lives.

Strengthen our confidence in you so that we may act with wisdom and grace;

Assuage our fears, that we may be strength and hope for others.

We lift up to you all those responsible for decision-making regarding this pandemic.

Lead them by your Spirit.

We pray for those who are vulnerable and marginalised; that through this crisis, our societies may especially care for them.

Above all we thank you for the rich heritage we enjoy in this country; may we act as those who are aware of the future we are building for others.

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