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Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers
Queensland Synod Moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

Moderator’s Musing – 26 July

If you’d like to lift your eyes and be encouraged for a moment in the midst of life, then spend three minutes checking out this video from UnitingWorld.

Having some personal experience of their work in the Solomon Islands and India, this video is a faithful representation of the church’s engagement with partner churches in our corner of God’s good earth.

I find it deeply inspiring.

I’ve just finished hosting the Church of North India’s Bishop of Amritsar, Rev Dr “Bunu” Samantaroy.

A group in the Uniting Church in Queensland—the Dostana group—has enjoyed a relationship with the Diocese since Rev Dr Rob Bos and Bunu met in New Delhi, about 15 years ago. Bunu invited Rob up to Amristar, and friendship flourished into groups from both churches visiting each other every year or so. This grew into the Dostana group (Queensland friends of the Amritsar Diocese)—led by Rev Paul and Mrs Lyndall Moore—raising $400 000 to have a capital fund to support a girls hostel in the diocese so that girls could grow and flourish in safety.

Still with us for the next few days are lay and ordained leaders from the diocese, being hosted mainly on the Downs and around Maleny.

We are exploring how we can deepen our relationship, and learn from each other about being the church in mission. The Church of North India is a church that is facing the challenge of being a minority faith and living the gospel faithfully, fruitfully and joyfully. Despite this, it has built strong, respectful interfaith relationships.

We can think that we’re alone in our challenges to be a people of Jesus Christ, but we’re not! And others need us too, so that they can find the pathways of a faithful and fruitful discipleship.

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