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Mother’s Day 2020 prayers

Queensland Synod Moderator Rev David Baker and Queensland Synod Associate General Secretary Rev John Ruhle provide these prayers for Mother’s Day. 

Loving God, thank you for our mothers.
For the mothers who gave birth to us;
for the women who treated us as their own.
In that Love is always a mixture of joy and pain,
we remember with deep thanksgiving the nurture,
comfort and encouragement we have received.
We seek healing for the memories of pain, disappointment and failure.
We remember before you those who have lost children;
those whom society or circumstance forced to relinquish them in adoption.
We pray that your Spirit will lead us on the journey of reconciliation and peace.
We remember today mothers throughout the world struggling to care for their children;
mothers in the refugee camps of the Middle East and Africa,
mothers in places of danger, famine, and hardship,
mothers of children with disabilities seeking support for the best future for their children.
Lord, the image of mothering is part of how we know you; as the God who would gather us under her wings;
as the God who would see all your people living in dignity and hope.
As we today give thanks for mothers; may we be reminded again of your hope for us all.


Rev David Baker
Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod

Loving God, we give thanks for mothers and for those who care with a mother-like love.
We thank you for times of unending love, grace and patience shown from our mothers.
We also thank you for times of a mother’s knowing when enough is enough and having the courage to say so!
We thank you for women across the world; mothers, aunties, sisters, neighbours who transform families and communities with their strength, integrity, knowledge and leadership.
We also pray for women in places where they are not able to thrive or strive to be the best that they can be.
On this special day we thank you for the gift of the mothers who have impacted our lives, and we ask your blessing on their comings and goings both on this day and for evermore.
In the name of Christ,


Rev John Ruhle
Associate General Secretary
Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod

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