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Regina George from Mean Girls asks "Why are you so obsessed with me?". Photo: SNL Studios
Regina George from Mean Girls. Photo: SNL Studios

Stop obsessing over young people

This article from popular spirituality network Patheos shows strong insight from American pastor Rev Erin Wathen into the church’s “obsession” with Millennials. Entitled “Dear Millennials: Sorry we’re so obsessed with you” her letter apologies to my peers for years of on and off-line badgering (stalking?); for being guilty of holding on too tightly and seeming too desperate to keep us around.

We want to know why you left us she pleads before acknowledging the church’s need to “let go of the things that are killing us and embrace that which might bring resurrection”. You’re right Erin, it has been creepy, unsettling even, that we, the Millennials, are expected to hold the key to survival. That’s a lot of pressure. So to use language that Gen X’s might understand from the prophet Sting: “If you love somebody, set them free”. The traditional Sunday morning service is dying… but get some craft beer and we’ll talk (and please stop using clip art and comics sans to make things looks fun).

Xoxo Millennials

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