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Prayer for National Reconciliation Week

God who breathes life into us.

We pray for healing for all the families who have been on the receiving end of the discrimination of past policies of child removal and assimilation in this country, and parts of our current education and justice systems.

We pray that you would continue to open our eyes to seeing the world as you see it. Help us to recognise that what is happening across the other side of the world is happening in our own back yard too.

We pray that we can all work together to peacefully advocate for change. 

We give thanks for the efforts of every person who takes small steps each day to reach out to others who are different from them, and make reconciliation about friendships, real connection and care for our fellow human beings.  

We pray that your spirit will continue to discomfort us, when people suffer in this world, to remember that your reconciling work is not just for Sundays, or for special events, or particular people, but for all of Creation, now and always. 


Erin Mawhinney

Erin Mawhinney is a Project Officer, Covenant Action Plan with the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod.

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