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Dr Brenda Heyworth speaks at a Parenting Breakfast event at Redcliffe. Photo: Cynthia Paternott
Dr Brenda Heyworth speaks at a Parenting Breakfast event at Redcliffe. Photo: Cynthia Paternott

Redcliffe parents welcomed to the jungle

Redcliffe parents were recently treated to a Parenting Breakfast talk by renowned Australian child and family psychologist and author Dr Brenda Heyworth, as part of the Building Strong Families partnership program between UnitingCare Community and Redcliffe Uniting Church.

Journey previously reported on Building Strong Families—which brought Bob the Builder to Redcliffe to celebrate the launch—in its July edition.

Now with the program in full swing, the second Parenting Breakfast (of an ongoing series) welcomed Brenda to speak to over 50 parents about her parenting system based on her book It’s a Jungle. The system provides parents with an effective means of staying in control and not getting stuck in an ‘emotional jungle’, which in turn helps them to teach their children about emotional self-control.

Feedback to the event was very positive with one parent, Angie, commenting, “Loved the fact Dr Brenda was real, sharing her own parenting experiences and challenges associated with staying out of the jungle and being tempted to ‘cross the line’.”

Another parent who attended, Loren, said, “Loved it, one of the best analogies I’ve heard to describe a child’s emotional journey.”

Since the talk, parents have embraced Brenda’s advice and are implementing it into their daily parenting routine, with others using it to encourage and support fellow struggling parents to avoid the ‘jungle’.

With a groundswell of positivity and momentum around the Parenting Breakfast series, the organisers are keen to continue to improve families’ lives through informative talks by experts in the field.

On 17 September, a men’s Parenting Breakfast will be held with counsellor and educator Peter Janetzki on the topic of fatherhood and being a champion father. In addition to running his own counselling practice for over two decades, Peter has spent 10 years as host of Talking Life on 96.5 FM Family radio helping people tackle a wide range of life issues from a Christian perspective. Booking are essential.

For more information on the men’s Parenting Breakfast event with Peter Janetzki phone 3283 4066 or email officeassist@dovenetq.net.au
The event will be held from 7.30–9 am, 17 September at the Redcliffe Uniting Church’s Jetty Room.

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  1. Thanks to everyone at Redcliffe who made me feel so welcome and remember, next time your feeling a little bit close to the line #stayoutofthejungle
    I really enjoyed the morning and wish you all the best for the ongoing Parenting Breakfast series. The format of a breakfast meeting worked really well and the food was wonderful! A big thank you to the cooks.
    Yours Sincerely
    Dr Brenda Heyworth

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