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Social responsibility review – 12 April

What’s coming up

Justice for refugees; peace not war; bring them here.

Join other people of faith on Palm Sunday to stand up for refugees. In the run up to the federal election, the Palm Sunday rally and march will help tell all politicians that we want a fair society that welcomes refugees.

Look out for Sue Hutchinson and the QLD Synod’s justice banner and let’s stand together for a fair and welcoming society.

This family-friendly event is this Sunday 14 April, 2-4 pm at Speakers corner, outside QLD State Parliament, Cnr George and Alice Sts, Brisbane City. Please contact Sue if you have any questions.

The Circle Way

Explore this method to transform meetings where every member shares responsibility and leadership. UnitingCare Community’s (UCC) Disability Leadership Unit is hosting a two-day introductory event on 12 and 13 June, at Virginia. UC members are invited to explore this inclusive conversation method suitable for managers, team leaders, team members in all work contexts looking for better ways to meet and collaborate for greater commitment, ownership, joy, sustainable solutions and wise decisions. UCC has been successfully using this method for several years. Highly recommended!

Week in review

Budget woes for the vulnerable

As UnitingCare Australia says: It’s not a surplus unless you’ve covered the essentials. “A real surplus is what’s left after budgeting for the essentials.”

Even for a pre-election budget the Government has stated clearly that its national priorities DO NOT INCLUDE:

  • Addressing the climate emergency
  • Caring for the poor globally through Australian Aid
  • Lifting unemployment payments
  • Addressing homelessness and Australia’s housing affordability crisis
  • Caring for refugees and people seeking asylum 

While mental health funding has seemingly been increased (after years of cuts), sadly proposed tax-cuts favour those on higher income. We pray and continue to call on our leaders to love justice and act with mercy for the good of all.

Shaping a just, compassionate and inclusive Australia: UCA 2019 Budget response

The President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Dr Deidre Palmer, has encouraged Australians to put the urgent needs of others ahead of short-term self-interest, after the Federal Government delivered its 2019 Budget. Read more here.

Is happiness our children’s reality?

Dr Hannah McGlade asks (NITV): does Australia deliver basic human rights to all children, equally? What has been compromised in the pursuit of punishment for Indigenous children? She examines the realities of the over-representation of Aboriginal children and youth in the criminal justice system, and explores how Australia can improve human rights for children.

High Court ruling paves the way for compensation

The biggest “native title” ruling affecting First People’s ownership of the land in decades may trigger compensation applications from native title holder groups around Australia. The Ngaliwurru and Nungali Aboriginal groups of a remote part of the Northern Territory have had their 2016 compensation ruling upheld by the High Court – for the loss of economic income related to the land and the loss of a spiritual connection to the land.

You can’t ask that

This excellent and challenging show is back for a fourth season! The first episode aired last week. It focuses on Domestic and Family Violence. Eight survivors share empowering reflections of their experiences living in violent, abusive and controlling relationships. Wednesday nights at 9 pm on the ABC – must watch TV.

And another interesting series on SBS

The two-part series is “Christians Like Us”: ten outspoken Christians with vastly different beliefs live under one roof for a week. They will grapple with what makes a good Christian and tackle the controversial topics of sexual abuse in the church, abortion, gay conversion therapy and women as priests. It airs Wednesdays 3 and 10 April at 8.35pm or SBS on demand.

Refugee families ripped apart take case to the UN

63 mothers, fathers and children permanently separated between Australia and indefinite offshore detention on Manus Island and Nauru have taken their case for family reunion to the United Nations Human Rights Committee. There is detailed evidence of the harm being caused to the families because of their indefinite separation, particularly the harm being caused to the children who are separated from one of their parents. The case seeks orders for the immediate reunion of each family.

Understanding children’s anxiety

This interesting article discusses how anxiety presents in children (one in eight children) and how it is easily missed, often with serious long-term consequences. It looks at how you can make a difference in the outcome. Those who support children, or work with them should be aware of this.

Do you work with children?

Beyond Blue has an excellent guide to support you to help children manage life’s challenges and realise their full potential: Building resilience in children aged 0-12: A practice guide. Download or share the guide today.

Parents can get tips on building your child’s resilience on Beyond Blue’s Healthy Families website.

Call to action

What just happened to Australian Aid?

Watch this Micah video which challenges us individually, as communities, and as a nation to act justly, and with mercy to our neighbours in this world. How can you get involved in this?

Cruelty-Free Easter

We want our Easter chocolate to taste good and to be good, for everyone. We are campaigning for the big global chocolate and producer companies, to uphold a living income for farmers through the innovation of programs, premiums and processes. Poverty is the greatest driver of human trafficking and child labour. Stop the Traffik’s interactive website allows you to upload where you find ‘good chocolate’ and shows you the ones to look for. Have a safe and cruelty free Easter!

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