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Social Responsibility Review – 2 October

What’s coming up

Everybody’s mental health is important

This Saturday (6 October) marks the beginning of Mental Health Week. Here is a link to events around Queensland and resources.

This year there are two Sundays in Mental Health Week, giving congregations several options to recognise and pray for mental health. For a long time, there has been a real and painful stigma associated with mental health issues. Despite this, many of us know someone or are experiencing mental health issues ourselves. The Uniting Church can be part of addressing stigma by being welcoming, praying for mental health, and creating an atmosphere of openness about these issues. Resources are available to help congregations.  

Real lives, real change

That’s the theme for Blue Knot Day on Monday 29 October. This national awareness day unites us in support of the five million Australian adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. The theme recognises the urgent need for support services.

The tangled knot in the Blue Knot Day logo symbolises the complexity of childhood trauma, with the blue representing a clear blue sky providing the space for new possibilities.

There is a special call to faith communities to recognise this day. Resources are available here.

Our responsibility to God’s world

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change invites you to an event on Sunday 14 October from 10.30 am to 3 pm. Rabbi Jonathon Keren-Black, who is currently studying Social Change and Sustainability, will be the speaker. The morning session will look at our responsibility to God’s world and the afternoon will explore living the change. This free event includes lunch and afternoon tea. RSVP is required. Details are available here.

Week in review

Does aid make a difference?

UnitingWorld says a resounding “Yes!” They have just submitted reports to the Australian Government on the impact they have made with your help. They are thrilled to report that across their seven projects, their partners have served 119,973 people over the last year. Here they say thank you to supporters.

Catering with a conscience

This social enterprise in New South Wales is changing the lives of vulnerable families living with disability. A great read.

Loneliness is an increasing problem

The Australian Coalition to End Loneliness has a focus on both loneliness and physical social isolation for our elders. They provide evidence-based information and resources.

Older Australians on Newstart – a worrying trend

The number of people aged 55 to 64 on Newstart has risen by more than 55,000 in five years. Such people have to live on about $40 to $50 per day. They may lose their homes and find it difficult to live on the payment which has not increased for more than 20 years. 

Taking the confusion out of recycling

Finally! A new nationally consistent labelling system has been developed and launched. It has already started appearing on some packaging. The labels will indicate which part of the product is recyclable and which part goes in the bin. We can look forward to increasing use.

It is easy to be confused about what can go in the recycling kerbside bin. Take this quiz to see how much you think you know before chucking your rubbish in the bin!

Call to action

Campaign for Australian Aid

The Assistant Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Anne Ruston, has said that there will be “no change or no reduction in the investment and involvement of Australia in our aid budget”, but in the last five years the government has cut our contribution to Australian aid to its lowest level in history.

Add your name to the open letter calling for a reversal of the trend of cuts and freezes, and a commitment to rebuilding aid.

How much do you know about prison expansion and privatisation?

The State Government has taken the unprecedented and disappointing decision to open a new private women’s prison in Queensland. Join the petition to the Queensland Parliament calling for public operation of the facility, a moratorium on prison expansion and implementation of strategies to reduce the numbers of adults and children incarcerated in Queensland. The Uniting Church in Queensland has long been vocal in calling for justice in this space.


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