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Social Responsibility Review – 28 August 2018

What’s coming up

Start a conversation 

This World Suicide Prevention Day, Monday 10 September, people all around the world will be talking about suicide prevention. So, this is a day to start a conversation that matters! Did you know that eight Australians die every day and 65,000 consider taking their lives each year?

So, what more can we do? Check out the #YouCanTalk webpage by Life in Mind or R U OK?. In fact the R U OK? Conversation Convoy is on the road and in Queensland right now. Check out where they are visiting. Maybe organise your own event?

Week in review

Did you know? 

Did you know the Queensland Synod has a Facebook group for Uniting Church people to share information relating to social responsibility issues? It’s called Reach out, Speak out. Topics may include climate change, refugees, poverty, human rights, mental health, Indigenous issues and much more. Sign up, share articles you have found and invite your friends to join up too.

Christian support for Uluru Statement From The Heart

Our government rejected the Uluru Statement From The Heart – Now it is up to each one of us to read, share and make it abundantly clear in our communities that people of faith in Australia support the self-determination of our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

A voice in the wilderness

This is a helpful eight-part study guide for individuals and groups, to help us in “listening to the Statement From The Heart”. Prepared by Anglican Board of Missions for the Anglican Church, it features the art of Glenn Loughrey, a proud Wiradjuri man.

The solution to poverty?

So often we hear the question: Why do people who are poor make so many bad decisions about how to spend what money they have? How do they get themselves into these situations; is it poor decision-making skills? This three-minute extract from a TED talk looks at the real reason. This is worth watching. It has been suggested that Universal Basic Income be trialled in Australia as a real solution to poverty. What do you think?

Call to action

Renew our world!

At this moment in time, God is calling us to Renew Our World. A renewed tomorrow of justice, shalom and welcome. That is why TEAR is joining with Christian organisations around the world in the Renew Our World campaign, and they invite you to take action with them.

End excess plastic packaging 

Australians love the ocean and all that lives in it, which is why a walk down the fresh produce aisles at your local supermarket can be so frustrating. Plastic wrapped bananas. Plastic tubs of apples and pears. Mushrooms on a plastic tray swathed in cling wrap … Let’s help Greenpeace keep the pressure on Woolworths and Coles—support their petition.

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