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The Merger. Photo: Umbrella Entertainment

Social Responsibility Review – 4 September 2018

What’s coming up

The Merger: A message of inclusivity 

“A former star footballer returns to his home town, but finds his political views aren’t welcome. When he is persuaded to take over coaching the struggling local footy team, his idea to recruit refugees to make up the numbers takes the community on a journey of change.”   

This film will be screened in cinemas September 6 in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Mt Isa, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Townsville and Ipswich. Watch the trailer.

Week in review

Inequality in Australia—young people have a say

Understanding how issues affect young people starts with listening to them and hearing their perspectives. Many organisations and stakeholders try to work in the interests of young people without asking their views on the issues that affect them most. 

That’s why we surveyed 3,400 young people to seek their views on the issues that they care about and which have the greatest impact on their lives

The solution to poverty? 

So often we hear the question: Why do people who are poor make so many bad decisions about how to spend what money they have? How do they get themselves into these situationsis it poor decision-making skills? This three-minute extract from a TED talk looks at the real reason. This is worth watching. It has been suggested that Universal Basic Income be trialled in Australia as a real solution to poverty. What do you think?

Call to action

Helping save the world’s people 

Do you want to join a group of like-minded people seeking to bring about a world in which people are saved from war and poverty, who believe in human rights, promote social progress and fight for justice? Individuals, organisations and businesses are invited to become members and volunteers of the United Nations Association in Queensland.


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