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Synod in Session experience – Claire Nicholls

Claire Nicholls reflects on her experience as a young adult at the 33rd Synod in Session.

As we all look ahead to the new year our church is preparing to meet again for Synod in Session 2019.

Towards the beginning of 2017 my church council asked for nominations for the upcoming Synod in Session and at the time my work schedule was pretty flexible so I said: “Sure, I can do that!”. What seemed to be a good excuse to get away for a weekend to the beach and be in fellowship with like-minded folk soon turned into realisation as I found myself preparing to be part of the 33rd Synod in Session.

I had gathered and read all the documents, and while I had attended many Synod in Sessions as a non-participant (as an infant or child tagging along with my ever-faithful parents), I actually didn’t have much of an idea of what it was all going to be about. So, I started asking around. The other representatives from my presbytery who I knew said they’d hang out with me and help me along the way, and by asking around I soon found out about the process, where to be and when, and the ways I could be part of this important event in the life of our church’s governance. It turned out to be a great weekend which was worthwhile and encouraging.

Through being at Synod in Session I heard the stories of other churches who were telling stories similar to my own, I realised that our congregation was not alone, and gained a greater appreciation for the wide-reaching positive effects and responsibilities our Queensland Uniting Church is taking up in the wider community. I learned that we really are doing a lot and that we are doing a good job in responding to God’s call to be light and love in the world.

In reality, I don’t consider myself a ‘young adult’ anymore, but I’ve been asked to write about my experience because there is a genuine need for the upcoming leaders of the church to be part of Synod in Session 2019. Please sincerely consider if you can be part of this event, put your name out there and ask to be a representative for your church. Your voice, your views and the relevance you bring are what will shape the direction our church takes in the next few years. Get involved, it’s your church too!

If you are over 18 and interested in attending the 34th Synod in Session in May 2019, speak to your congregational minister and presbytery minister in the coming weeks.

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