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Synod in Session experience – Tim Holmes

Tim Holmes of Brisbane reflects on his experience as a young person at the 33rd Synod in Session.

What prompted you to nominate for Synod? How did you find the nomination process?

I had been involved in Easter Madness and a few other Synod activities so I understood the role and function of the Synod body, with this I realised the importance of the state body and the impact it has on all aspects of the church right down to a congregational level, so when I was approached to be a member at Synod in session 2017, I decided to take the opportunity to be involved in my church at a wider level and it was fantastic.

What were some of the highlights from your Synod experience?

I believe there is a fair few misconceptions about Synod in Session, it’s so much more than just a big church meeting!

This big church meeting gives the space and time to discuss and discern a path for our church, but the event is intertwined with worship, prayer, small groups and space to form friendships and connections with others from across the state, to share the exciting things happening across our church.

What did you take away from the event?

I took away a real love for our wider church, we can often get caught up in our local church community, which is great, however the Uniting Church family is so much bigger and diverse, and knowing that we are all a part of that is amazing. The opportunities that can arise from celebrating what is happening in our wider church family, can create space for ministries to be shared and grown together as we all continue to be uniting in Christ, acting with love, living with hope, witnessing in faith and working for justice, with these being the Synod core values.

 Why is it important for young people to put their hand up and nominate?

The Synod is where we as a church can vision for the future, and young people should never underestimate the impact they can have. Young people are a valuable part of the uniting church and we should be celebrating this! Attending Synod as a younger person was incredibly affirming, and the support and encouragement I received from everyone there was amazing. Young people at synod have a chance at shaping the future of our church, and if synod was represented by the younger generations just as much as the older generations, and represented by all the diverse multicultural communities in our church, we as the uniting church, a diverse tapestry of faith, could vision for our future and grow together with Christ into the church of tomorrow, the next day and future!

If you are over 18 and interested in attending the 34th Synod in Session in May 2019, speak to your congregational minister and presbytery minister in the coming weeks.

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