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The JourneyOnline alternative Christmas shopping guide

A recent news report suggested that Queenslanders will spend $9.7 billion at retailers over the Christmas season. Yes, you read that right: $9.7 billion. But if you don’t fancy fighting for carparks at your local shopping mall or spending hours surfing the internet for the best online deals, Journey has put together some Christmas gift ideas that will help the community, both here and abroad.

A gift from UnitingWorld’s Everything in Common catalogue

A gift card from UnitingWorld’s Everything in Common catalogue represents a life-changing project that helps lift people out of poverty. Things that many in our community take for granted like clean water, basic nutrition and education are still challenges for those in developing nations, and your gift card dedicated to a loved one will bring us closer to the kind of world we all hope for.

Organise a rural getaway for the family

As Queensland Synod Moderator Rev David Baker encouraged in our Autumn edition of Journey, why not take a trip out west for a rural getaway over the Christmas season?

“Visit these iconic towns and experience some country hospitality,” said David. “Every dollar you spend at a motel, a café, at the small shops in the main street helps keep the communities alive. And drop into the local Uniting Church and say, ‘Hello, we’re thinking of you and praying for you in Bundaberg or Kenmore or Cairns or wherever you’re from.’”

Donations for those impacted by fire and drought

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time, when we can all come together with our family and friends, exchange gifts, and be thankful. However, for families across Queensland who have been severely impacted by the ongoing drought and the recent bush fires, Christmas will be a difficult time. Help families in crisis by giving to the Queensland Synod’s Drought Relief Appeal and/or Bush Fire Relief Appeal. All donations will be used to provide financial assistance or counselling services or mobile chaplaincy to local communities.

Wesley Mission Queensland’s Red Bag Appeal

You can also help vulnerable families below the poverty line across Queensland, by donating food items and/or Christmas treats to the Wesley Mission Queensland Red Bag Appeal which provides red bags of hope and good cheer just in time for Christmas. For what to buy please visit https://www.redbagappeal.org.au/shopping-list. You can drop off your gifts at the Uniting Church Centre (Level 2), 60 Bayliss Street, Auchenflower on or before 26 November.

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