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UnitingWorld making a difference to women in the Pacific

Members of the UnitingWorld Australian partnership team addressed the UnitingWomen 2018 conference, highlighting some of the work the organisation is doing in the Pacific region and beyond.

As part of the presentation, the crowd was introduced to Martha Yamsiu from the Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu, one of many women who are making a difference by highlighting the issues around violence in the region.

Bronwyn Spencer of UnitingWorld said Martha’s courage has meant that her voice is now heard and she is involved in decision-making.

“She is truly an inspiration,” said Bronwyn.

The Partnering Women for Change program, which was supported by the UnitingWomen conference, was detailed as an initiative that aims to raise awareness of domestic violence within the Pacific region.

Statistics indicate that 95 per cent of people across the Pacific identify as Christian, and that Christian teachings have a massive influence on people’s behaviour. Despite this, 68 per cent of women and girls experience violence in their homes and community.

The Partnering Women for Change initiative supports Pacific churches in addressing gender inequality and violence by re-examining their theology.

Bronwyn said that the key for success with Partnering Women for Change and other UnitingWorld programs was partnering with pacific theologians.

“They write the theology, they work with the ministers and the women and have the conversations,” Bronwyn said.

“We facilitate and stand aside.”

The UnitingWomen conference also supported UnitingWorld by donating the artwork painted by Lyn Deifenbach during her keynote address, raising funds for those affected by the powerful earthquake and tsunami in central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Uniting World believes that local communities are best placed to identify the solutions to their own problems, working with and through churches, delivering programs that include all people regardless of their faith, sexuality, ethnicity, ability or gender.

To donate to UnitingWorld, visit https://www.unitingworld.org.au/donate

UnitingWomen is a national event for young women, older women and women in between to share their stories of wisdom and wonder. 

The 2018 conference is being hosted at Somerville House by the Queensland Synod. Stay tuned to Journey Online for ongoing coverage of the event which will run until 30 September.

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