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Vale Rev Len Bray

Rev Len Bray passed away last Friday (8 May 2020) after a long period of illness.  

His life and ministry were characterised by a deep dedication to his own formation and development, the formation of Christian disciples, and the development of congregational life, particularly in areas of population growth.  

He comes out of that time when young people—teenagers—were encouraged to learn the crafts of leading, preaching and teaching. From this, he took up a wide range of leadership positions in the life of the church.  

Len, after consultation with lay and ordained leaders he respected, candidated for the ministry and was ordained in 1968. This was after an extended period as a home missionary and probationary minister.  

He read widely and dedicated himself to studying a theme of ministry every year.  

Len served with his wife, Jeanette, at Holland Park, Ashgrove, Mossman, Palmwoods, Barcaldine and Caboolture. After union he served at Southport parish, where the parish undertook the development of a family centre.  

He’s remembered with thanksgiving for his dedication to God and his love for God’s people.  

Len’s daughter, Rev Christy Allen, serves as Presbytery Minister in the Carpentaria Presbytery.  

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