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What’s our call now?

Rev David Baker presides over communion after being inducted as Moderator at the opening of the 31st Synod in Session.

“Well, that’s the question, folks, what’s your response?” This was how Brendan McKeague kicked off a day and a half of discernment for the Synod as it met at Alexandra Park Conference Centre in October. The question was, “Our church is on life support; what’s our call now?” About 70 members of Synod stood up and named an issue they ...

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Members take the floor at Synod Open Space

Open space discussion at the 31st Synod

Discussions during the open space at the 31st Synod have concluded after more than 100 conversations took place among Synod members and staff about the future of the Uniting Church. Facilitator Brendan McKeague, who gave the Norman and Mary Miller Lecture on Monday evening, introduced the discussion theme “Our church is on life support, what’s our call now?” to Synod ...

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