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Friday’s religion wrap

Magnifying glass over an open Bible.

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week. ANU experiment sees priests as detriment Brisbane Times reports on the findings of an Australian National University report, Australian Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Science, which suggests that Australians see priests as a detriment to our wellbeing. But it’s always good to read the fine print: the 1200 people selected as “typical Australians” ...

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Is this dirty word in secular society holding Christianity back?

In secular society the term “evangelism” can carry negative associations with heavy-handed preaching at others but how do we boldly share the faith when it could lead to a hostile reception? Rev Shane Kammermann offers his thoughts. My answer to this “how” question is pretty simple, but also complex! I have become wary of “isms” which tend to make ideals ...

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How to spread the Christian message in a digital world

Digital technology can be a powerful tool for the church, whether it’s being used for ministry, administration or general communications. Ashley Thompson and Ben Rogers meet some global leaders in the faith-tech space and talk to members of the Uniting Church community in Queensland about what is being done closer to home. In the constantly evolving landscape of digital technology ...

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Reconnecting with stories that matter

Easter cartoon

Phil Day’s cartoon above highlights the juxtaposition the church in many parts of the west is finding itself in relation to the broader western society. I recently noticed one hotel in Brisbane advertising a family-friendly Easter, with Easter egg hunts, special menus, the whole nine yards. While there are powerful commercial and ideological interests at play now in the Easter ...

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Celebrating hopeful disruptions

Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

At Christmas, we celebrate an interruption to our ordinary existence and to what we had planned for life. The birth of Jesus was a disruption for Mary and Joseph: a challenging one that threatened their relationship and their standing in their community. Yet it was a disruption that gave them purpose, hope and fulfilment like they had not known, nor ...

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