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Letters May 2017

Letters to the editor graphic by Uniting Communications.

Forgotten or neglected? I noted with interest your heading “5 Forgotten hymns” on page 18 of the April edition of Journey. I believe that the heading should have been “5 Neglected hymns”. A hymn which should have been included is “Low in the grave He lay” (Methodist Hymn Book 211). My opinion is that no Easter celebration without this hymn ...

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5 forgotten hymns to raise the rafters

forgotten hymns

Favourite hymn Sunday always brings forth musical gems, some long vanished from our contemporary repertoire. The Journey team has come up with five forgotten hymns whose poetry and melodies continue to inspire. It passes knowledge (Together in Song 230) Written by Mary Shekleton (1827–1883) from Dublin. Mary was an invalid for many years, during which time she wrote several hymns ...

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