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Imagine me complexly: John Green

New York Times bestselling author John Green teaches literature via YouTube. Photo taken by CrashCourse.

Following John Green’s inclusion in this year’s Time 100 and the adaptation of his latest novel into a blockbuster movie, Rohan Salmond talks to him about church, community, teenagers and the universe that wants to be noticed. There are thousands of John Greens in the world, including lawyers, teachers, politicians and even a Bigfoot expert. But John Green the novelist ...

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July Journey now available

Journey July's magazine cover masterhead

The July edition of Journey magazine is now available in PDF. You can download this edition and all previous editions back to 2005 on the download page. Keep it up! You know that feeling you get around the beginning of July? A creeping realisation which suddenly hits with a bittersweet epiphany—the year is half over! How did that happen? The previous six months ...

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