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Apocalpyse now? The dangerous truth behind the birth of Christ

While Christmas is associated with family, festivities and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Trinity College Queensland’s New Testament lecturer Dr John Frederick explores how we can also use the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth to reflect on the “apocalyptic” in the traditional sense of the word—the revelation of that which was previously hidden—and how that may shape ...

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Confronting Revelation

Fire from the Book of Revelation. Photo from Lightstock images.

The Bible presents some uncomfortable depictions of women, particularly in the Book of Revelation. Ashley Thompson speaks with North American Biblical scholar, Dr Tina Pippin about what to do with the duality of the “women of the apocalypse”. In June, Grace College hosted Dr Tina Pippin as keynote speaker for their second annual Women’s Theology Conference—a gathering of over 40 ...

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