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A quantum leap of faith

University of Queensland senior lecturer in physics Dr Joel Corney. Photo by Holly Jewell.

If there’s one principle that religion and quantum physics agree on, it’s that the search for truth requires an open mind. Physicist Dr Joel Corney talks to Dianne Jensen. Consider this: The only thing we can be sure about is that uncertainty is fundamental to the universe. University of Queensland (UQ) Senior Lecturer in Physics Dr Joel Corney is a ...

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Let it go

Elsa from Frozen, mid-singing "Let it go." Photo by Walt Disney.

Janet Staines explains how an oft-repeated line from a Disney song reminds her to forgive. I recently saw a sign outside a school classroom that read, “This classroom has gone 28 days without singing the song from Frozen: ‘Let it go’.” If you have children or grandchildren you will know well the award-winning song from Disney’s animated film Frozen and ...

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