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Future focus for journey on the Way

On Sunday 22 October, General secretary Rev Heather den Houting presented the report of the Synod Standing Committee (SSC) to the 33rd Synod. The report outlined the significant strategic work done since the 32nd Synod to give substance to the Together on the Way process and Priority Directions of the church. Underpinning the work of the SSC was the identification ...

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Change initiatives to shape the future

As the Queensland Synod continues its focus on the five Priority Directions for the 2016-2020 period, a new suite of Key Change Initiatives (KCIs) has been identified to help shape the work of the Synod and presbyteries as they implement the Priority Directions. Journey reports. Generated by the Synod Standing Committee and the Presbytery Synod Interface in mid-2017, the KCIs ...

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Council rezone forces future planning

Alexandra Park Conference Centre images

Alexandra Park Conference Centre is located on what could be considered one of the most prestigious pieces of land owned by the Synod, but council rezoning is forcing the Synod to consider its future. Jane Moad reports. Located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, thousands of people have visited the almost ten hectare site for Synod in Session meetings, ...

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Synod agrees to improved reporting changes

Kingaroy Uniting Church minister Rev Dr David Ferguson at the 32nd Synod. Photo by Ashley Thompson.

This afternoon Rev Dr David Ferguson and the Mary Burnett Presbytery put forward a proposal (general proposal six) to the 32nd Synod related to better communication of Synod Standing Committee decisions. After some discussion, Dr Marilyn Healy of Bremer Brisbane Presbytery suggested the proposal be broken into two parts—the first half of which she had no issues with and the ...

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Synod agrees moderator can nominate as moderator-elect

Members participate in the ballot process. Photo: Holly Jewell

The first full day of business at the 32nd Synod was full of meaty reports and proposals. General secretary Robert Packer and Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee chairperson Andrew McBryde presented the Synod Standing Committee’s proposal that the Synod allow the current moderator’s name to go forward in the ballot for moderator-elect. It was noted by many that this proposal ...

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Number crunch: Does the Uniting Church have a future?

2013 Uniting Church census data displayed in an infographic format.

Data from the 2013 census of the Uniting Church in Australia has been released just in time for its 37th anniversary. It reveals an organisation facing some tough decisions. Dianne Jensen reports. Thirty-seven years down the track, Australia’s first home-grown church is facing a mid-life crisis familiar to any adult wondering where the kids have gone and what lies ahead. ...

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