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Is Satan hiding in AI?

Once the stuff of science-fiction cinema like Terminator or 2001: A Space Odyssey, there’s no escaping the reality that artificial intelligence (AI) is deeply embedded in our lives, from the way we use the Internet to the medical industry using it to predict illnesses based on large quantities of historical patient data. All technological advances come with a degree of ...

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These Timor-Leste kids love to see the dentist … meet the Aussie church members who made it possible

The Statement to the Nation (1977) made by the Uniting Church in Australia 40 years ago spelled out the enduring connection between the founding denominations and the churches of the Pacific and South East Asia. A partnership between Glebe Road Uniting Church, Ipswich and Ekaristi Church in Dili, Timor- Leste is proof positive of that evolving relationship. This report by ...

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